Thursday, 28 April 2016

Kickstarter Comics

A very quick post about some British creators who have active Kickstarter campaigns running at the moment.   Some very interesting and varied projects that deserve the support of British comic fans.

I've already mentioned Andrew Pawley's GalaXafreaks Dark Vibes campaign for issue 2.   Cosmic adventures that have the wildness of early undergrounds and the freakiness of Ditko Dr Strange.   Just a couple of days to go in this campaign but if you are in any way interested its worth getting in now for the added extras he is giving away to supporters.  Andrew is fully funded for this issue but I'm sure he'd welcome a few more advance orders.

GalaXafreaks Issue 2 link

Ness, from writer Chris Welsh and Dublin Artist Rob Carey, is a Lovecraftian horror story set on the banks of Loch Ness.   Chris wants to give the UK its own giant monster but somehow this looks much more interesting then Cloverfield or Godzilla and his friends.  The preview pages look fantastic. Rob's artwork has an atmospheric and cinematic style all of its own.  He must, or at least should, be on the radar of some of the bigger publishers. Chris already has a pedigree as a writer with his excellent Wart comic, digital versions of which are available as part of this offering.  Projected to run at least 4 issues this Kickstarter campaign is to fund the first.  There are still a couple of weeks to run on this campaign and again it is already fully funded.

Ness Issue 1 link

There's a Tiger on the Bus is something a little bit different.  It's an offering from 'Amy' or Tiger Tea as she is also known, for three short, brightly coloured, kids picture books.  Amy is an illustrator and designer and says in her campaign that this is her "first adventure in visual storytelling".   A useful video shows her creative process and you can clearly see that her style comes from classic children's illustration.  The first print run of "Tiger on the Bus" was handmade and this campaign is to have the books professionally printed and with a more substantial print run.   Each order comes with an A6 animal sketch done in India Ink, otherwise it's a pretty simple campaign.   I'm pleased to say that Amy is also fully backed and there are just a few days left to go.  Perhaps not the usual fare for Splank! but as something of a fan of illustrated children's books I'm fascinated to see how these turn out.

There's a Tiger on the Bus link

I suspect that these round ups of what I'm looking at in Kickstarter will become a regular part of Splank!  If you are a creator starting a Kickstarter campaign do drop me a line to the Splank! e-mail address if you are interested in being included.

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