Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Penguin Perps in Megacity One, at least in the bit that's in Belfast.

One of the reasons comics fans love the net so much is that their hobby is basically a solitary one.  Its also an interest that isn't shared, or even understood, by the vast majority of people.  In many cases it's an addiction that our families and work mates do not fully understand, shuffling off awkwardly, or mentioning the fascinating shape of the clouds outside if we try to talk about comics to them.

That's why its so good to find people who share our enthusiasm and actually like talking about the stories, the artists and the writers or complaint about the most recent Marvel or DC reboot.  This past Friday I went along to a regular get-together of a group of 2000AD fans and cos-players in the Parlour Bar in Belfast.  They are there on the last Friday of each month from about 7:30 and very welcoming and friendly they are too.   There were one or two faces I knew, but it did not take long to get into conversation with some of the others.  They knew their stuff, some real experts on the subject of Dredd and 2000AD, but mainly it was just a very comfortable, welcoming and relaxed group to be in.  Nice people who liked to chat and who made it very clear that newcomers were more than welcome.

Grumpy Penguin on his way to raid KFC
I'm not up to date in my reading of either 2000AD or the Megazine, over the years I've tended to drop in and out of each but I have been reading quite a few back issues recently for another long post or series of posts in Splank!
 So I did wonder if I qualified to go along at all.  I'm was going to claim some kinship with the cos-players, having appeared in costume on my own main street, dressed as that totally unknown comic-book character, "The Grumpy Penguin!"    That's the logo above for an as-yet unpublished strip featuring the character by sixties cartoonist for Odhams cimics Pow! and Smash!, Mike Higgs.  There is also a Davy Francis strip in the works and another by Mr Higgs featuring one of Grumpy Penguin's friends, Ninja Monkey.  But more of that in time.

I needn't have worried, I reckon if anyone from the Belfast area, or who can get up to Belfast one night a month is interested in coming along to join the happy band they would be made welcome.  I'd suggest searching out the "Sector House 13" Facebook Group and making yourself known.  It was a great night, one I thoroughly enjoyed and I will be back.  And if you come along and you happen to see me, come on over and say hello.  I won't be wearing the Penguin Suit though.

Ninja Monkey and JoJo the Monkey Boy

Next time another 2000AD related post.


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