Friday, 8 July 2016

Good News about Tommy Donbavand

Earlier in the week I posted a little bit about children's author and Bash Street Kids writer Tommy Donbavand who has been undergoing treatment for throat cancer.  At the time Tommy was still in hospital after having a pretty rough time following the completion of his cancer treatment in May.  I'm delighted to say that Tommy's friend, and fellow author, Barry Hutchinson, reports that Tommy is now out of hospital and at home and hopes to be back writing his blog himself soon.  Barry, who is also a children's author and Beano writer, has been filling in and keeping the blog up to date.

In the meantime Barry also had other news about the efforts of Tommy's writer friends to help support him.  Obverse books are to publish a collection of Dr Who short stories written by people like Philip Ardagh, Paul Cornell, Daniel Blythe, Roy Gill, Sharon Tregenza, Steve Cole and Barry himself.  The book, entitled "A Target for Tommy" will be out sometime in the summer.  The book will cost £9.99 (£5.99 digital I think) and will be part of a a one-off print run.  So when they're gone they're gone.

Editors Stuart Douglas and Paul Magrs are still working on the book, but expect it to be out during the summer.  You can pre-order from the Obverse web-site here.

Just a quick reminder, tomorrow is comics small-press day across the UK and Ireland.  Sad to say there are no events in Belfast (maybe next year), but you can find full details of all the events across the country on the website here.   

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