Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Space Captain 3 Kickstarter.

Chris Baldie and Michael Park's Space Captain is one the gems in the British world of self-published comics.  Its a well-written, beautifully drawn science fiction comic that is so much more than the Space Opera that it appears to be at first glance.  I wrote a fuller outline of the series a couple of months back just after issue 2 came out. (You can find that here)  At that time Chris thought that issue 3 might be delayed for a while, but I'm delighted to say that the Kickstarter page for the third issue has now gone up and is sitting at about 300% or the required funds with most of the extras, in this case a sketch by Chris, already gone.

For issue 3 Chris and Michael promise us jungle action and giant lizards and perhaps more fumblings towards the final fate of the earth in 40 A5, full colour pages for £5 (postage paid) or £2 for a pdf.  I know I'm repeating myself, but Space Captain is an intelligent, funny and genuinely moving comic with a great plot and superb art that owes a lot to the European big-foot style.  I do wonder if a collection might do well in the French BD market? 

Space Captain isn't just one of my favourite self-published comics, its one of my favourite comics at the moment, full stop.  Its one of a hand-full of self-published comics that I would recommend to anyone.   So follow one of the links and get yourself one of the best comic reads you'll have this year.

The Kickstarter includes bundles of all three issues or you can buy issues 1 & 2, along with other comics from Chris, at his online shop here.


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