Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Tommy V Cancer

Those of you with kids may know the name Tommy Donbavand, he's 48 and he's a writer of more than 100 children's books.  One of his most popular series, Scream Street has been adapted for TV and is currently showing on CBBC.  He's written a Doctor Who novel, some graphic novels for younger kids (all of which seem to be a little gruesome) and until recently wrote the Bash Street Kids for the Beano.

Tommy also has cancer.  He was diagnosed in March of this year and bravely decided to start a Blog to write about his condition.  Its honest and moving, sometimes its funny, sometimes not so much.  A single post can be uplifting and difficult to read at the the same time.  Hard because of the effects of the illness and the treatment, uplifting because of Tommy's reaction to it.    Its a good read, but then Tommy is a good writer.  There are suggestions that it may soon be compiled, along with some additional material, into an ebook to raise some much needed money for Tommy and his family.  I'll post about that when it happens.

Tommy's friends from the Beano have chipped in with help, Nigel Parkinson, artist on Dennis the Menace and a real ambassador for the Beano and comics for younger kids at comic cons across the country has supplied some really apt images for Tommy's blog.   Posts are regularly accompanied by drawings from other Beano artists and friends but its Tommy's words that are the important thing.  I might just ask him for a few tips myself once he is feeling better.

Like many professional writers a good chunk of Tommy's income comes from running workshops, giving talks and visiting schools.  All of that is out of the question for the foreseeable future.  To help Tommy has set up a Patraeon page where he offers his skills to draw up plans for school writing workshops, supply monthly tasks, videos and even feedback for up to 10 pupils. Its a measure of the man that he would rather use his skills to raise much needed money than just ask for help, but you can also make a donation through paypal just to help out.

Last update was that Tommy was in hospital, he's finished his chemo and radio-therapy but has had some rough times with his breathing.  As his wife does not drive they were spending £100 a week on  Taxis.   He and his family can do without money worries at this time.

So if you feel you can help then please visit his webpage and see if you can make use of the Patraeon services he is offering, or just make a donation.  Maybe go to Amazon to pick up a few of his books.   I'm reading his Doctor Who novel, Shroud of Shadow at the moment but if you have kids one of the Badger Graphic novels for reluctant readers might be interesting or the Scream Street or Fangs, Vampire Spy series.  I must admit I'm quite taken by the idea of the short book, "My Teacher Ate my Brain" and its waiting on my Kindle for me now. 

You can find the Tommy v Cancer website here and his normal site with details of his books here.
Please do take a look.

From Scream Street

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